Antarctica: how often is it the seventh continent we visit?

I visited Antarctica for the first time in February 2014.  With this visit I have now travelled to all seven continents at least once.   It was my travelling companion’s sixth continent.  I wonder how often Antarctica is the seventh continent we visit?

Is there a lack of interest in travelling to Antarctica?                             

My suspicion is that Antarctica is the last continent most people visit and this isn’t because of a lack of interest in travelling there.  For me as a nature lover and photographer my visit was fantastic.  To wake up to landscapes like the following was truly inspiring.

Antarctica141170 - NG

Safety concerns                                                                                          

Throughout my trip I felt very safe.  I travelled with Quark Expeditions.  From my reading and talking to other travellers and my travel agent, Quark has a good reputation and were a joy to travel with.  Yes, there is the question of “will I be sea sick with that journey across the Drake Passage” but I would be surprised if that puts many off.  Even during my night camping on the ice (more on this in a future post) I felt very safe.  I wonder how many put the trip off because they feel it isn’t for them?


I live in New Zealand.  I could have gone straight from Australia, New Zealand or South America to Antarctica but for me it came down to the amount of time I would be at sea and the most common route used.  Therefore, South America became my point of departure.  So, yes, it was a distance from home but with travel these days this was certainly not a problem as far as I was concerned.   

Questions for you

  1.  If you have been to Antarctica: When you visited Antarctica how many of the other six continents had you already visited?
  2. If you have not visited Antarctica: How many of the seven continents have you visited?

Future posts

In future posts I will:

  1. summarise responses to the questions if there is sufficient interest
  2. provide more details on and photos from my trip to Antarctica.

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